Coupe courte : Beach hair, short waves

Idées et Tendances coupe courte 2017



Beach hair, short waves

Caroline A.

Written by Caroline A.

Tendance robes de soirée : Robes de Soiree Chic Courte Devant Longue Derriere Blanche Dentelle A Bretelles

Bijoux – Tendance 2017/2018 : Wildflower ring – Embracing the nature of romance with beautiful flower gold rings – Gold flower ring, so beautiful and romantic. Parisian jewelry style and shabby chic look with silk lace slip for effortless chic look. Vintage French fashion, how to dress like a Parisienne for that je ne sais quoi look. Gorgeous leaf ring in gold, like a flower wreath. Jewellery that has natural elements and stunning design, shop now at AU REVOIR LES FILLES.